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4SWeb Utility

Free Utility for use with 4-Shop for live website inventory.

  • Allow customers to check stock availability
  • Provide live stock lookup for staff on the local network just using a browser
  • Permit head office to check stock at locations with 4-Shop
  • Provision mobile users with the latest inventory information

Requires Windows 7 or later.

  • Install the utility
  • Provide the website FTP detail in the 4sweb configuration (not required for local network browsers, just check the local file only option)
  • Set the inventory snapshot frequency (4sweb configuration, Upload interval).
  • Place the inventory web page on your site (not required for local network use)
  • Demonstration web page (inventor.htm) is included in the 4-Shop data folder.
  • Point a browser at that web page on your site (or if on a local network, at the inventor.htm page in the 4-Shop data folder - requires a web server).
  • Try the demo web page here
  • What do I need to run it?
    The program requires an existing installation of 4-Shop (full or trial).
  • Which browsers does it work with
    It has been validated with later versions of the leading browsers.
  • What protocols and webservers are required?
    It uses standard FTP to upload the data. No web server side implementation is required.
  • Can I use it for staff or customers with a browser on the local network
    Yes, just point the browser at the inventor.htm in the 4-Shop data folder (requires web server).
  • The inventory did not change after an upload
    The web browser cache may need to be cleared.
  • What is the current release?
    August 2020

Also available
Android inventory viewer utility. Just copy the inventory file, inventory.dat, to the device and import it.